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Memo for the author of a shared Twitter account

As an author, you can cover any topics related to Product Marketing. Please read the information on this page before your week.

How much time will it take?

It depends. Preparations can take from 5 to 16 hours (or less, or more). It all depends on the topics you want to cover and the number of tweets you want to publish.

What should you write about?

Write about anything that you find interesting or what you love to do.

Here are some ideas:

  • Interesting use cases from your experience (product releases, what went well and wrong; what did you learn).
  • Various lifehacks from your experience.
  • Personal growth: books, webinars, useful resources.
  • Your company: processes, culture (please be careful with NDA).
  • Your general thoughts about the industry.
  • Anything else that you find essential to cover.

Don't worry if someone already covered the same topic you want to talk about. It's ok, everyone has their own experience.

How much should you write?

Again, it depends on you and the topics you have chosen. Of course, subscribers are more interested in reading more information - but do what you feel right. During your week, Twitter becomes your personal platform, so you have to decide what impression you want to leave.

On average, the number of tweets among productive authors goes around 20-30 tweets per day.

Other recommendations


Combine a series of tweets on the same topic into threads. Such threads are very convenient to share in other channels, plus it's convenient to read those threads in the Twitter feed.

Please refer to the documentation if you are not familiar with threads .

Interact with subscribers

People won't comment if you ignore them. Here are some tools that might help:

  1. Like – like comments, tweets, whatever you find interesting.
  2. Retweet with a quote – retweet with a quote to answer comments from the followers. In this case the tweet will appear in everyone's feed and will be added to the archive of your week. If you want to continue the conversation, use a reply.
  3. Retweet – if you find some interesing tweet, you can retweet it. For example, someone tweets about you being a cool author :)
  4. Mention - don't hesitate to mention people or accounts that you find interesting.

Publish a meta-thread

At the end of the week, you can make another thread and cover the links to all the exciting threads over the past week.

Share the account in your social network

Do not hesitate to share with your friends that you became an author of the week in your social network. Your friends might be interested in reading about your experience.

Plan for the week

Publish a plan for your week on your first day. Here is an example. It helps subscribers learn in advance what you will be talking about and provide you with some feedback.

Your first day

Please use this checklist for your first day:

  1. Change the profile picture and the bio in the profile.
  2. Introduce yourself. Tell about yourself and your company.
  3. Publish the plan for the week.
  4. Pin the tweet with the plan.

What you should not do

1 day - 1 tweet

You won't cover your thoughts in 280 characters per day, subscribers hope for more insights.


Do not advertise your products here, please. People come to learn about experience, not the tools.

What else?

You haven't used Twitter before

It's ok, don't worry about it. You'll be alright.

You are not sure what to share

Everyone has something to share - just tell us how your regular days go. Don't be shy, people are interested in any experience!