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9 August 2021 – 15 August 2021


9 August 2021Monday
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Hi, I'm Alexandra Kulachikova, Product Owner at @semrush . Happy to be with you this week and share some thoughts about Product Marketing, KPIs and analytics.
Here are random facts about me:


  • At Semrush, I lead the product development of the new SaaS. It will be a marketing analytics tool. Coming soon!
    I can tell how to calculate the P&L of a product and estimate the market size. How development and product prioritisation process look like in an IT company.
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    I have more than 13 years of experience in digital marketing, analytics and product management. But I'm a musicologist by profession.
    This taught me: "Do not be afraid to change something in your life."

    10 August 2021Tuesday
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    So, what we will talk about this week:
    Tuesday - 9 steps of good marketing strategy
    Wednesday - funnels of metrics (Spoiler: Customers, Revenue, Time&Conversion)
    Thursday - How to evaluate the effectiveness of "unmesurable": PR, Events, Brand campaigns
    Friday - See in the thread


    Friday - Marketing team and roles
    Saturday - random Q&A about everything in PMMs life.


    What it consists of, where to get the data and how to do it.
    1 step. Market research
    What the market looks like now. How many customers can pay for your product and where are they concentrated.
    #MarketingStrategy #productmarketing #marketresearch


    For example, once I analyzed the possibility of going to a small southern country market. It turned out that the main audience is concentrated in the former capital, while other regions do not have sufficient Internet coverage...


    Their well-being and needs are not yet sufficient to adapt the product, and in any case, people come to the former capital for shopping. Solution - to capture the old capital. For the rest of the country, negotiate affiliate marketing with a mobile provider and grow awareness.


    Where you can find information about the market:
    Global Annual report…
    Statistics by country government (f/ex
    Researches by TNS, Ipsos, GFK
    Or just google it!


    Talk to experts from this country and area. Don't forget about seasonality and COVID impact. Think about what will happen next, taking into account these factors.
    Determine how much market share you can take. It can be one of your KPIs.


    Step 2. The TARGET AUDIENCE.


  • The Base.
    What audience base do you have now. What dynamics does it have? What is the percentage of new customers and what is the retention rate? How many customers are attracted by discounts?
    What are the main sources of attraction?
    #retention #audience #marketingtips
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    What is the average bill by customer segment, ARPPU and purchase frequency?
    At this stage, you should know CR - CPA - CAC - LTV metrics of your product and their dynamics. We will talk about how to measure it later ;-)
    #arppu #cac #ltv #marketingtips


    If you are measuring Net Promoter Score or CSAT, collecting feedback or researching Customer Journey Map, then at this stage you should know what is the satisfaction of the audience now and what problem areas are most often noted.
    #marketingtips #CJM #feedback


    Now you answer these questions:


    If you are planning to launch a unique new product, what indirect competitors might it have?
    For example, for food delivery services, this is home cooking and restaurants nearby.
    For luxury real estate, this can be an investment in stocks.
    #competitors #Marketing #marketingtips


    Where you can find info about competitors:


    Step 4. RISK FACTORS


    Based on all this information you can make a SWOT analysis.
    It will be really interesting to look at it year or half-year after and see changes!
    #swot #marketingtips


    It is Step 5, actually ;-)
    I usually keep extended comparison table updated and add there major competitors features and opportunities.


    Hello, everyone! Let's start a new day of content, shall we? Today I'll share my ideas on Positioning, the most powerful Marketing idea (1/5)

    Step 6. Positioning
    Actually @felipecb_ already did a great post about this…

    11 August 2021Wednesday
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    At this stage you know your main metrics, such as ROI, Revenue, AOV, Orders per user etc. Usually we split all the data by category, by channel and by user segment.
    We will talk more about this topic, stay it touch!
    #metrics #marketingtips #ROI


    The next thing is share of channels.
    For example, right now you get the majority of your sales from ad traffic. This means that you are each time spending money on acquiring and reactivating a customer.


    And the logical decision is to increase the number and proportion of applications from more stable channels - direct marketing and organic.


    Agree your goals, KPIs or define OKRs with your team, product manager and other teams it may concern.
    For example, if OKR states that you need to increase the retention rate - this means strengthen retargeting, direct marketing, extending loyalty program and work with evangelists


    Step 8. TACTICS
    Answer these questions:


    I usually have an annual roadmap with list of always-on and flight campaigns, tied to OKRs (or KPIs)
    This roadmap reviewed every month or twice per quartier.


    Step 9. BUDGETING
    As you can see, it is the last part, after all the rest are defined.
    My marketing budget consists of 2 parts:


  • Optimistic scenario. We can do more and test more channels and hypothesis, but we need more resources.
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    Usually, when it comes to analytics, I consider 4 funnels: Customers, Revenue, Time and Conversion.
    I measure almost every marketing activity and try to forecast the impact, using the numbers.
    Actually, setting of a funnel goal is the part of a marketing brief


    Customers funnel - see it on the picture.
    All these are user-based numbers. Not session-based. It is important!
    #marketingfunnel #customers #funnel #marketingtips


    Revenue funnel:
    Market value (how much people are spending means how much potentially you can get)
    CPC - Cost per click or Cost per Engaged user (how much money you spend just to touch a person)
    CPI - Cost per install or interaction
    CPA - Cost per action
    AOV - Average order value


    CPO - Cost per order
    Revenue can be MRR (Monthly recurring revenue) - it depends on your type of monetisation
    ROI - Return of investment (may be ROAS or ROMI)
    ARPPU - Average revenue per paying user
    LTV - Lifetime value of a customer

    #cpo #mrr #Revenue #ROI


    Time funnel
    What happens if you speed up the time to conversion by a couple of days? You will get more conversions this month. And by increasing retention you increase your future income.


    Conversion funnel:
    Why is it important to count conversions at different stages? For example, you see that the CR of second purchase is low. This means that you will have to spend money all the time to attract new customers. Or you need to throw resources to retain current ones.

    12 August 2021Thursday
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    13 August 2021Friday
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    The list of metrics every marketer should use. And how they complement each other.…
    #marketingtips #marketingfunnel #conversion #ROI #Revenue #customers #DigitalMarketing


    How do we measure the effectiveness of PR activities:
    See in the thread how you could measure the PR value of Product Launches.
    #pr #productlaunch #publicrelations #metrics #marketingtips


  • the number of mentions initiated by us
  • mentions in the media not initiated by us
  • mentions in social networks
  • tonality of references
  • engagement rate in social net
  • reach,
  • share of initiated and uninitiated mentions
  • Clicks OR Users acquired
  • Conversion start
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    Each launch is rated in comparison to another similar launch.
    Metrics are assessed in a couple of days, a week and 2 weeks after launch.

    14 August 2021Saturday
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    How do we measure the effectiveness of activities.
    When planning an event:

    • Potential target audience
    • Potential number of leads
    • Cost per lead
    • Cost of touching an existing client

    #eventmarketing #marketingtips


    Post-event analytics:

    • Reach
    • Number of leads
    • Cost per lead
    • The number of customers who went to the Sales funnel
    • If certain product features were promoted at the event, then the percentage of change in the use of these features
    • NPS

    #EVENT #marketingtips #b2b


    How your Marketing Team may look like if you are PMM:
    MVP Team:

    • PMM (you)
    • Designer
    • Content-manager (Editor)

    Optimal Team - see in the thread

    #marketingteam #marketingmanagement


    Optimal Marketing Team:


    You don't have to have all specialists in house. It is totally ok to use help of agencies. In this case your designer may be in a role of an art-director for a production agency.

    15 August 2021Sunday
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    You are PMM. You need to roll out a new messaging. What are you gonna do?
    Test it. Don't just throw it away to your audience!
    You can do qualitative and quantitative tests.
    See in the thread, how you can do it.
    #messaging #marketingtips #DigitalMarketing


  • Talk to your strategic customers. Ask how do they feel about this new message. You can do it in person or call a focus group.
  • Don't forget about Experts. They know a lot about a market
  • Talk to your best Sales managers
    #messaging #marketingtips #DigitalMarketing #testing
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  • Do side-by-side testing of your creatives. We used to do it with Yandex Toloka…
    It helps to find out an optimal set of banner and texts before launching a campaign.
  • Launch a retargeting campaign on Facebook or Google Ads with an experiment enabled.
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    What is the best traffic source, which can bring you leads?
    If you think, that it is Google Ads or Sales efforts, you are wrong.
    It is Organic!
    In 2020 OpenView conducted a research. They asked 153 people and I agree with them.


    It means you need to work hard and have patience when growing your Organic traffic.
    Invest in evergreen content that gets consistent traffic from Google Search. We use this service to find topics for such content.