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16 November 2020 – 21 November 2020


16 November 2020Monday
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A new week, a new author! It’s great to be here with all of you! My name is @Luisarr and I will be sharing about my experience throughout the days. #NewProfilePic


Plan for the week:
Monday: About me + Inspiration
Tuesday: After work
Wednesday: No one tells you this about Product Marketing
Thursday: Ask me (Almost) Anything
Friday: Bookmarkable resources


About me + Inspiration - follow the thread :)


Hi! I'm Luisa Rodrigues, Luzi for my close friends and "hey, do you think we can get yet one more thing done by the end of the day?" for my colleagues.

Jokes aside, I've been working on the intersection of creativity and analytics throughout all of my career.


I come from sunny Rio de Janeiro (🇧🇷) and live in Berlin. I've worked at consulting, advertising and over the last years i've been working on in-house marketing teams in tech companies.


Fun fact? I went from working in Mobility to working on Mobile.

If I just keep subtracting letters (3 at a time) from the industry i work on, the future looks... intriguing.


At what time of the day are you most inspired?


For me, inspiration starts at a very peculiar part of the day: During my night shower.

I try to consume inspiring content every morning in a way to encourage my creativity to make an early appearance. ✨


Before we get to it: Why do I seek inspiration, you might ask?

I just think it’s way easier and faster to work when things are flowing. Do you agree?


Inspiring content #1: Newsletter is written by @KaiBrach and invites you to reflect on relevant issues lightly and hopefully.

It also brings you recommend. for fantastic books, podcasts, documentaries, websites and other things generally PMs should see.


Inspiring content: #2 shows researches in a much different and creative way.

For me, it holds the gold standard for a good analysis and storytelling.

There’s something even cooler to it. One person can research, write and code the whole thing.

17 November 2020Tuesday
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Tuesday. Follow the thread :)


After work.

Truth be told - as much as you want to be done with work, sometimes it's still 5 p.m and you're halfway through.

What do you do?


Besides pulling an all-nighter (sometimes you gotta do it *sigh*), what I like to do is to keep working, but not really: just let your mind do the heavy lifting.

Several studies show you mind is only able to process information creatively after absorption and abstraction. Huh?


That means you have to consume the most information you can, then let your brain relax. This is when we'll be able to perform all synapse or, as vulgarly known, "connect the dots".

Here's how you can trick your mind into continuing the workday, even when you're done.


#Productivity tip 1:
Go take a bath. When you're done with work, getting in the warm water will tell your body it's ok to relax, making it easier for your brain to creatively activate.

That's when the magic happens and when you'll come up with your greatest ideas.


#Productivity tip 2:
Read about what's setting you back. If you're working on positioning, choose a book or a blog post related to the topic. Same goes for GTM, Competition analysis and virtually anything.

Check the next tweet for some of my choices.


Some of my pics - save this for later!
GTM - Crossing the Chasm (📗)
Buyer Persona - The Challenger Customer (📗)
Positioning - Building a Storybrand (📗)
Competitive analysis - Different (📗)
General PM ideas - The Mom Test (📗)
General PM ideas - Product Love (🎙)

18 November 2020Wednesday
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Wednesday ❤️
Today’s topic: no one tells you this about Product Marketing.


#1 - though your background won’t limit you, it can help define your line of work in PM.

I come from Advertising and I spend a lot of time thinking positioning, researching and creating decks.

A PM friend of mine comes from engineering and writes a lot of tech documentation.


#2 - A HUGE part of the job is mediating. You spend a lot of time talking to stakeholders across the whole org, just to try and stitch things together.

A common interview question is: “how to get something from others if you’re not their boss?”

How would you answer?


#3 - there’s no such thing as a calm week.

If you’re not working on launches that will go out within days, you’re planning so things don’t get too hectic when the d day is approaching.

Or dealing with the 4829 questions people ask you all the time.


#4 - Demand for PMs is booming, but it’s not that easy to get a job. So it’s also far from being a saturated market.

Highly skilled PMs are hard to find, so the more you perfect your craft, the better your chances will be to landing that dream job.

You can do it! ;)


#5 - it takes a village to do absolutely anything.

Product Marketers are plate spinners, but there’s much more to the circus than just this team.

So I’d like to ask you: what are some other things no one told you before you started your first PM job?

19 November 2020Thursday
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Today is Ask me Amost Anything day!
Shoot your questions ✨

20 November 2020Friday
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@pmmunderhood What did you do before becoming a PMM? And why did you decide to become one?

I was working as a Planner and Account Manager for an Ad Agency. Becoming a PM was more an "accident" than a choice.

I was attracted by its activities, to only then find out it was a job.

After understanding in more detail what the job was about, I opted in once and for all ;)…


@pmmunderhood What's your least favorite part about being a PMM?

Answer: how hard is it to disconnect. Because of how involved you are with so many projects, even during vacations or sick leave, you can't help but think what's going on.

Then, I try to remember: things always work out and no one is irreplaceable. Not even for Beyoncé.…

21 November 2020Saturday
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Thanks for following my week! Signing off from here, let’s connect at @Luisarr :)